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Private art lessons are often a great place to start.
Jen’s studio is equipped and a great learning space to honour your long time wishes of learning how
to paint, pick up a paint brush again after a long period or “since school days”.
Over several decades Jen has experienced every type of learner student to the advanced
accomplished artist.
For Jen, teaching is to show but not tell. Jen checks in with you to see what inspires you being in
mediums, subjects, and styles.
It can be quiet confronting to walk into a busy creative space. Some people have such a yearning to be creative however, not knowing how good or bad they maybe can be enough, to never participate.
Personal expression and creating can feel exposed for some.
Formulated over decades of experience, Jen has a 100% success style of teaching.
Having inherited talent from your descendants is untrue! Having been exposed to a life by an artist or creative is more likely the case.
Jen is a great advocate for the health benefits of painting, young or old. Research has found that the stimulus and cognitive benefits are worth every time spent creating.
Often students move to a group lesson, workshops, or bring a friend. They become confident to hang their paintings at home! They post their achievements on social media and gift their paintings to friends and family. Not to mention getting commissions and exhibiting!
If you have a yearning, the sooner you start the better! Guaranteed!
Lessons are booked for the convenient time 1.5 hours with everything supplied for $60.
Jen can give you a list of materials as soon as you become addicted.

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